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Cross Street Partners recognizes that to deliver neighborhood transformation, projects often require creative finance solutions to overcome the challenges associated with building rehabilitation and emerging markets.

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CSPs finance team includes some of the most experienced and respected leaders in the industry, with specialties in New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), Enterprise Zone Tax Credits, OneMaryland Tax Credit, public-private finance such as tax increments financing (TIF), and Historic Tax Credits. Cross Street Partners provides advisory services for 3rd party clients in a wide variety of areas, bringing an owner’s perspective to consultancy work.







Urban Action Community Development

Urban Action Community Development (UACD) is a Baltimore-based, National Community Development Entity (CDE), dedicated to neighborhood transformation with a focus on catalytic projects that promote Fresh Food Access, Healthcare Access, and the Innovation Economy. Since 2003, UACD has successfully deployed over $269 MM in New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation into distressed low-income communities creating more than 6,247 direct permanent jobs and deploying an additional $4.43 MM in technical support and direct investment funding around UACD projects.

To further leverage UACD’s NMTC and to increase community impact, UACD requires that 3% of its allocation be contributed to American Communities Trust (ACT). ACT is a not-for-profit dedicated to building social impact in urban and low-income communities across the U.S. through high-impact, targeted investments in workforce development, public health, food systems, and the innovation economy. This partnership directly benefits the communities surrounding UACD investments, and supports long-term relationships that sustain and strengthen community outcomes.

UACD is an affiliate of Cross Street Partners.

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