4220 Duncan

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Financial Advisory


Tabitha Atkins

On behalf of Wexford Science & Technology, Cross Street Partners received NMTC allocation for 4220 Duncan, a 180,000 SF mixed-use development in St. Louis, MO. This $53 million LEED certified building project and adjacent garage in the Cortex Innovation Community is located on the former Custom Steel processing plant site.

Cortex is a 200-acre redevelopment district in Midtown St. Louis that is driving job growth and economic development in the city and region. The development of 4220 Duncan builds on Cortex’s dynamic base, while the activity connected to the building will be catalytic far beyond the district. This project was a critical step toward Cortex achieving “critical mass” in its economic impact on the community.

2101 E.Biddle Street, Suite 1201 Baltimore, MD 21213