Strong City Baltimore



January 2020


Strong City Baltimore

CSP Role

General Contractor

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Strong City Baltimore is a grassroots, non-profit organization supporting over 130 local projects in areas ranging from education and youth development to community organizing and environmental sustainability. Strong City works to reinforce the pillars that support a strong Baltimore – safe streets, desirable and diverse housing stock, high-performing public schools, a robust and educated workforce, and a deep sense of civic engagement. Out of their administrative space and state-of-the-art Adult Learning Center, Strong City 41,000 annual participants from all program services, 85% of which are LIC.

Cross Street Partners, as general contractor, took care to preserve the building’s historic fabric and story and to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s standards, while incorporating modern building systems and amenities.

Featured in their space are:
– 13 private office
– 11 classrooms
– 1 large conference room and 2 small meeting rooms
– Kitchenette
– Wellness room
– IT room
– Open office space with Systems Furniture
– 1 single occupancy ADA bathroom
– Installed VAV terminal units
– Spiral duct work
– Power and lighting are on occupancy sensors
– Installed sprinkler system
– Exposed ceiling
– Polished concrete and carpeted floors
– Paint walls

The build out was completed on time and on budget.

2101 E.Biddle Street, Suite 1201 Baltimore, MD 21213