Cross Street Partners



January 2020


Cross Street Partners

CSP Role

General Contractor

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Cross Street Partners (CSP) is a vertically integrated real estate company exclusively focused on re-building communities by creating vibrant urban mixed-use neighborhoods built on a foundation of innovation and entrepreneurial activity. CSP has successfully rehabilitated a number of historic industrial buildings for a range of new uses, including offices, retail, and housing. The partners of Cross Street Partners invest their own capital into these transformative real estate projects.

Cross Street Partners, as general contractor, took care to preserve the building’s historic fabric and story and to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s standards, while incorporating modern building systems and amenities.

Featured in their space are:
– Open concept office space with Systems Furniture
– Exposed brick wall
– Exposed ceiling
– 2 conference rooms
– 2 phone booths
– 2 enclosed private offices
– 2 open concept private offices
– Custom copy / print station
– Open lounge area
– Lobby / reception area
– ADA single occupancy restroom
– Installed VAV terminal units
– Spiral duct work
– Power and lighting are on occupancy sensors
– Installed sprinkler system
– Exposed brick walls
– Carpeted floors
– Painted partitions

The build out was completed on time and on budget.

2101 E.Biddle Street, Suite 1201 Baltimore, MD 21213