Alma Cocina Latina




CSP Role

General Contractor


SM+P Architects.

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Alma Cocina Latina is a bold transformation of an existing restaurant space on Boston Street. Maintaining budget discipline was a major concern for the Owner, so extensive and ongoing investigation of means, methods and materials required an ongoing hand-on approach by Cross Street Partners in collaboration with the Owner and their Architect.

Out of this process, an imaginative use of materials was still possible. Some of the elements that emerged included a new vestibule. The vestibule was constructed using a Cortean steel exterior cladding with a Cypress interior. Existing restaurant MEP elements were retained wherever possible, including re-purposing of existing equipment. Existing masonry openings were enlarged to provide more interior natural light. The efforts of the entire project team were celebrated by the Baltimore chapter of the AIA by Alma’s being awarded its “Good Design is Good Business” award.

2101 E.Biddle Street, Suite 1201 Baltimore, MD 21213