Stacey Pack

Director, Property Management

As Director of Property Management, Stacey is responsible for the day to day facilities management operations for properties in Baltimore and Cambridge, MD and Dayton, OH including Lion Bros Building, Hoen Lithograph Campus, The Centre Theatre, the Center for Healthcare and Human Services, Charles Village East Retail, The Packing House, and The Dayton Arcade.

Ms. Pack brings over 13 years’ experience related to development, construction, property, and asset management. Prior to joining Cross Street Partners, Stacey served as part of the leadership team at Baltimore Public Markets Corporation, a non-profit responsible for overseeing the 6 municipal markets in Baltimore City, where she served in multiple capacities, including market operations, marketing, leasing and project management. One of the most notable projects while with Baltimore Public Markets was her role in the redevelopment of Broadway Market in 2019. Stacey worked to retain long time merchants, while bringing new tenants to the project to create a market that was accessible to all.

Ms. Pack earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies, which a focus in Historic Preservation and Urban Studies, from University of Maryland, College Park. Ms. Pack has a passion for cities, historic architecture and currently serves on the board of Baltimore Heritage.

2101 E.Biddle Street, Suite 1201 Baltimore, MD 21213